September 11th Clearinghouse Table of Contents

This site is dedicated to the memory of Joe Ferguson. Joe was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. For more than a dozen years, Joe had worked in the geographical education division of the National Geographic Society and was a great friend of geographical education. He died while he and his colleague, Ann Judge, were escorting 3 Washington DC students and three teachers to an environmental field camp in the Channel Islands of California. Joe will be missed, and his death leaves a huge hole in the world of geographical education. 

The site has been designed and constructed by Rich Van Deusen, Lawrence Berg, Michael Longan with amazing generous assistance of Aman Luthra, Sanjukta Mukherjee, Reecia Orzeck, Clayton Rosati, Euan Hague, Carrie Breitbach, Jamey Essex, Natalia Gianella and Laam Hae and is based on contributions by an untold number of geographers and other interested people.

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