Jim Glassman of Syracuse University contributes this bibliography of materials related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and related issues. Appended to the bottom of the bibliography is a short list of other helpful books.

Anna Sluz of the University of Iowa recommends three books on the geopolitics of the Arab and Islamic worlds

Philippa Winkler suggests a book and two videos related to environmental and related issues arising from the war against Iraq ñ and links them to related problems among Navajo uranium miners.Ý Further information on the videos can be received directly from Philippa at

Bruce DíArcus from Miami University in Ohio suggests the documentary, Good Kurd/Bad Kurd, which deals with the Kurdish struggle and how it intersects with U.S. foreign policy: the Kurdish population in Iraq being the "good" ("freedom fighters"), and those in Turkey being the "bad" ("separatists" and "terrorists").  The film does a good job of unraveling these neat geopolitical distinctions, and showing their human costs.Ý He says that his students found themselves wondering about US foreign policy in the Middle East.

The American Arab Anti Discrimination League has created a very valuable bibliography of materials on Arab Americans, discrimination against Arabs, and the Arab World and Islam.Ý This bibliography includes lesson plans, childrenís books, videos, and academic studies.

Arab World and Islamic Resources and School Services in Berkeley, CA, offers an array of books for students from middle school through college about Islam and the Arab World: ÝThe site is both a good source of materials and a helpful bibliography.