Check out Syracuse Political Science Professor Mark Rupert's own excellent clearinghouse on the war:

Excellent activist/news sites:

The Nation Magazine

Z Mgazine's Z-Net  (excellent clearinghouse for radical commentaries on a range of issues)

The Independent Media Center:  (an excellent compilation of reports from around the world; perspectives that are hard to find in the mainstream media)

Common Dreams:  (a progressive news source, mostly North American; commentary from progressive writers)

Alternet: ( An excellent source of analyses and commentaries on the implications of the attack - and of the changed political landscape.

Guerilla News Network

United for Peace

Protest Network

Institute for Media, Peace and Security

Alternative media

International Crisis Group

Free Media Network

International Freedom of Expression Exchange

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

CounterPunch political newsletter

Alternative English language news/commentary sources:

Canada's national paper, the Globe and Mail

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canadian activist site,

Indian magazine, Frontline

British Broadcasting Corporation news

The Guardian

The London Review of Books

Le Monde Diplomatique (in English)

France Daily

United Nations News Service

Reporters without Borders