The War in Iraq

Arab World Geographer, forum on Iraq, May 2003

At a recent Syracuse University teach-in, English professor Crystal Bartolovich had this to say about the war.

A. Sivanandan from the Institute of Race Relations, on the war.

George Monbiot on the US's two-faced stance on international law.

Geography Professor Zoltan Grossman on the American role in maintaining the Hussein regime.

Brian Whitaker writing in the Guardian about the US's plans for the middle east.

Sukumar Muralidharan, writing in the Indian magazine, Frontline, on the Israel's connection with the war.

Aijaz Ahmad on the worldwide protest against imperialism.

Antiwar petition signed by Roy, Chomsky, Zinn etc..

Jim Stanford, longtime researcher for the Canadian Auto Workers Union, on Blair.

Petition offering George W. Bush asylum in Canada.

John Stanton speculating on the imminent fate of Iran.

University of British Columbia Geography Professor, Jim Glassman, shares his thoughts on the war.

Relevant articles without links.

The Black Radical Congress' statement on the war.

Arundhati Roy writing in the Guardian.